About Sports Aggregated

Sports Aggregated is a play off of Sports Illustrated; it aggregates sports news daily from hundreds of sources from all around the world.  Between 150 – 200 new articles are published each day at around 10:00 AM CST, with minor periodic updates made throughout the day.
The first focus is on playoffs and championships, those will most always be in the main headline. The second focus is on the most popular sports worldwide. The third focus is on topics related to women in sports, including complex and delicate intersex and transgender issues – this section appears at the heart of the site.  It is well documented that women’s sports get only 3-5% of coverage by the media – by aggregating this coverage, each edition of Sports Aggregated contains between 10-30% of articles about women’s sports.
After that we focus on tops brands, money and scandal, technology, new and emerging topics, history and records, and anything else we find interesting.
It is important to note that we are not competing with Twitter for speed.  We are competing to be the most comprehensive sports news outlet to relieve any FOMO on sports fears you may have.
Love Athletes. Love Sports.